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Code of Ethics

When patients and visitors come to St. Boniface Hospital, they should expect compassionate care, and to be treated with dignity. Our promise to ethical integrity is grounded in the Health Ethics Guide. The Guide is published by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada and is our primary resource for ethical discernment and decision-making.

This guide was created to establish trust between our patients and medical professionals, to ensure we are being as transparent as possible to those who seek medical care in our hospital.

All staff are expected to inform their decision-making through critical reflection and application of our Health Ethics Guide, and to promote its use throughout the hospital. We use it to help weigh our organizational values in light of the many complex governance, administrative, operational and clinical decisions we make.

Here is a video that outlines our hospital’s mission, values, and strategic direction, which includes how we mitigate and manage conflict.

To view our code of ethics click here.