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Spiritual Care

St. Boniface Hospital is a faith-based hospital where meeting spiritual and religious needs is an important part of caring for the whole person regardless of faith tradition, practices, or beliefs.

Spiritual Care Services offers a variety of services to assist in the well-being of patients, families and staff. These include daily mass and other services, a memorial service held several times a year to remember loved ones who have died, and a committal of ashes ceremony held twice a year for those families who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy.

Spiritual Care is available 24 hours a day. For pastoral emergencies during the night, the person on call may be reached through the paging office at 204-237-2053.

As a teaching hospital, St. Boniface also offers Clinical Pastoral Education, to train future hospital chaplains.


St. Boniface has a team of professional Chaplains, trained in listening skills, crisis intervention, spiritual assessment, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Chaplains offer encouragement, commiseration and counselling to patients, families and staff. Each chaplain serves as a member of the healing team, working closely with nurses, physicians, and others who care for you and your family. They may also be called to assist patients and their families in making informed decisions about the care and well-being of the patient. Chaplains also minister to staff working in a stressful hospital environment.

The Chapel

A chapel is located in the C block of the 2nd floor of the hospital. This quiet place is open 24 hours a day and all are welcome. As a Roman Catholic facility, we offer worship services and Eucharistic ministry. We also make available to members of other faith groups, appropriate space for worship, prayer and meditation. Morning and evening prayers are broadcast daily in French and English over the hospital intercom.

Spiritual Care Channel

Channel 62, an in-house television channel, will have a weekly schedule of programs each week. The schedule will include mass, as well as meditative and relaxing videos designed to help you cope better with your hospitalization.

Faith Specific Services

Roman Catholic

Eucharistic Liturgy is celebrated weekdays and weekends at 11:30 a.m. in the chapel on the 2nd floor of C block, and is broadcast on channel 62 for patients and families who wish to view mass from their rooms. The Eucharist is distributed on request by lay Eucharistic Ministers and by the Catholic chaplains.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation may be requested from the priest when he visits or by calling the Spiritual Care Services office at 204-237-2356.

The Sacrament of the Sick is no longer solely a sacrament for the dying or the critically ill. You may wish to receive this sacrament as a means of gaining spiritual strength in your illness and aiding you in your recovery. Call the Spiritual Care office at 204-237-2356.


The Muslim prayer room is located on the 2nd floor, C block, room C2021.

Other Faith Traditions

To contact representatives of other faith traditions, please call the Spiritual Care office at 204-237-2356.