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Rooms and Rates

Manitoba Residents

Manitoba Health covers all necessary costs for insured services in a standard room (3 beds or more per room).

A semi-private room (2 beds per room) or a private room (1 bed per room) can be requested at an additional cost.

Please note that some private rooms may share a bathroom with an adjoining private room.

Due to the number of patients at the hospital, and the condition of those patients, hospital staff are unable to make promises about the roommate’s gender or age, or other special considerations.

At the time of admission, Hospital registration staff will ask the patient or family member to choose the type of room they prefer. The Hospital registrar will explain the rates and ask the patients or family member to sign the “Responsibility for Payment” form.

The Hospital will make every effort to meet the patient’s request, depending on room availability and the needs of patients on the unit at the time of admission.

The Hospital will charge the patient or the patient’s insurance company for the type of room (semi-private or private) the patient asks for and receives.

Room Charge Examples

  • If patient asks for and is assigned a standard room, no charges apply.
  • If patient asks for a standard room, and the Hospital deems a semi-private or private room is necessary for the patient’s health, the patient is not charged.
  • If patient asks for and receives a semi-private room, they are charged for a semi-private room.
  • If patient asks for a private room and receives a semi-private room, they are charged for a semi-private room.


Patients are fully responsible for the payment of the room accommodation they have asked for and received.

The patient is also responsible for reviewing the details of their personal insurance coverage before signing the Responsibility for Payment form. The Hospital registrar cannot advise what any insurance plan covers.

If insurance coverage is denied because the service is not covered under the insurance plan, the balance of the invoice is billed to the patient.