Cardiac Sciences

St. Boniface Hospital is home to the regional Cardiac Sciences Program. Established in 2004, the Program integrates cardiac surgery, cardiology, cardiac anesthesia, cardiac intensive care and cardiac rehabilitation resources under one umbrella to improve the coordination and delivery of cardiac services to the people of Manitoba.

Approximately 51,000 patient visits are made through the Cardiac Sciences Program annually. This includes providing close to 7,000 cardiac catheterization exams, 16,000 echocardiography exams, over 23,000 cardiac outpatient clinic visits and about 1,300 cardiac surgery visits per year.

In addition, the Cardiac Sciences Program supports the development of research into the prevention, care and treatment of heart problems. This is made possible by linking with the basic and clinical research currently underway in local, national and international research centres.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality heart care and to work with each patient to ensure they make the best health choices.