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Recognition and Leadership

St. Boniface Hospital has an active Nursing Practice Council (NPC) that is comprised of a diverse group of nurses dedicated to leading the development of standards of excellence in professional practice. We work to ensure that clinical practice standards and safety for both patients and staff are met. The NPC is a forum that offers guidance to resolve nursing practice issues. Our vision is to advance the practice of nursing utilizing a collaborative, respectful approach. We value the diversity and expertise that our nursing membership brings through open dialogue at our monthly meetings. All nurses at St. Boniface Hospital are invited to bring issues forward by speaking to a council member or contacting the chairperson.

The clinical programs at St. Boniface Hospital have Nursing Leadership Councils (NLCs) where clinical practice issues and concerns are also brought forward and discussed. This provides front-line nurses with another opportunity to have their voices heard. Nursing knowledge is shared and innovation takes place at these forums. The chair persons of the NLCs are also members of Nursing Practice Council and are able to take information back and forth for discussion. Communication is key to keeping nurses informed of nursing practice issues and advances in nursing practice at St. Boniface Hospital.

As an organization, we are committed to recognizing the efforts of all their employees and in particular our nursing staff. Being recognized as an individual or member of a group provides a sense of achievement for a job well done. It demonstrates respect and acknowledges that one’s work is valued and appreciated.

During National Nursing Week the Nursing Excellence Awards are presented to St. Boniface Hospital nurses in recognition of their outstanding professional contribution and achievements in the award categories of:

  • Clinical Nursing Practice
  • Education and Research and
  • Leadership and Advocacy