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St. Boniface Hospital unveils ‘Outside Light’ mural that benefits mental health patients

300-foot hallway mural painted by patients for patients

February 26, 2024 – St. Boniface Hospital’s latest mural, officially unveiled today brings new light and colour to the previously-drab tunnel that many of our mental health patients and their loved ones use to access the McEwen Building.

Thanks to a unique partnership with Artists in Healthcare Manitoba, the team that produced the mural included people who were patients themselves. Their work will not only improve the experience for fellow patients and their loved ones as they walk to their appointments in the future, it was also meant to assist with their own personal healing.

“Studies show that creating art has benefits in mental health, reducing stress, and increasing resilience. We feel that being involved in the creation of this mural has been beneficial to our patients and helps them in their journey toward recovery,” said Dr. Jane Moody, clinical lead of Outpatient Psychiatry with the hospital’s Mental Health program. “They have given us a gift of not only the art itself, but a long- lasting testimony of that journey which will benefit countless others.”

Art has played a significant role at St. Boniface Hospital historically, with many paintings and other creations lining the hospital’s halls, offices and the walls of our onsite Galerie Buhler Gallery. The Outside Light mural not only keeps that tradition alive but takes it a step further as its creation provides spirit, strength, and hope for patients of our facility and has transitioned our grey tunnel into something we can all be proud of.

“At St. B. we truly believe in the healing power of art,” said St. Boniface Hospital President and CEO Nicole Aminot. “From our Art at the Bedside program to the many musicians you will hear playing for our patients, there’s not a day that goes by at St. B. where you won’t be exposed to the arts, and we firmly believe that’s a positive thing for our staff, patients and visitors.”

The mural project was made possible thanks to the generous support of The Winnipeg Foundation, The Manitoba Arts Council, The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, and the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. The mural was created in loving memory of the late Tom Carson, former board chair of both St. Boniface Hospital and of Artists in Healthcare Manitoba, who shared our belief in the healing power of the arts.